January Blues

January 8, 2010

I head back to school on monday, and I have to admit I had an amazing winter break! It was packed full of fun times with family and friends, lots of good food, and other good stuff  🙂

Yesterday was a good mail day, because I received two lovely packages with fashion goodness!

First was the Fashionary, a sketching journal designed for fashion designers, students, or those that just like drawing! I can’t draw to save my life, but the magic of this book is that it has little red dotted outlines of three female silhouettes on each page so you can draw outfits in proportion. It’s so much fun, and although I’m not in design school I am always planning outfits and this is a good way to document them! Plus it has so many handy charts in the front of the book.

The second package was a Rodarte for Target dress. Target’s Go International line has always done great collaborations, and this time I was lucky enough to get my hands on an amazing piece of the collection. I chose the baby blue dress because I look great in blue, and I love the vintage feel that it has. I would have liked to get some more pieces, but even this dress was selling out like crazy as I was browsing the collection online. I can’t wait to wear it out!!

That’s all for now folk’s!


One comment

  1. I keep meaning to get the fashionary! And your Rodarte dress is adorable, I’m jealous.

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