March 8, 2010

a day in pictures!

ok so it’s really just two pictures, of how I started and ended my day.

the story behind this photo is that it was somehow unbeknown to me left on the ground by the bus stop. it’s such a cute and random picture that I couldn’t really ignore it. I propped it up on this telephone pole in hopes the owner would see it, or it would at least make another person smile the way it did me.

and the story behind this photo is that I decided to walk home, alone, through a dark and very scary looking park instead of taking the long route home. I’m lucky (sometimes) to live on a hill and get a great view of the city from just the right angle. I only wish there was slightly more traffic for cool effect but that’s not really my neighborhoods thing.

so that was my saturday, exciting I know. hopefully more pictures to come soon as I am over my cold and have joined lookbook so I will for sure be working on good outfit pictures.


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