Fresh style is coming our way Vancouver!

May 27, 2010

I’m so excited that Joe Fresh is opening a stand alone flagship store!

My closest Super Store is kind of out of my way so I don’t get to check out Joe Fresh that often. However, the new flagship store is in the heart of down town Vancouver, right across from Holtz and down the street from H&M. It also happens to be very close to school, and although I will have graduated by the time it’s open it doesn’t mean I wont get some sneak peeks before it opens!!

The only reason I knew where it was right away is because I usually walk down Granville and I always noticed this nice little retail space sitting vacant, just witing to be leased. Well I guess whoever is in charge of Joe Fresh snapped up that location in a heartbeat because it truly is prime retail space, which is very hard to find down town right now!!

The real kicker is my classmate found a job posting for a Visual Merchandier at this new store, but when he went to apply it had already been filled 😦 that would have been so much fun!!! but who knows, more Joe Fresh stores might pop up in the future.

so check out the Vancouver Sun Article for more details and I’ll be sure to keep you posted as more news surfaces.


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