Martini’s and Manicures!

June 15, 2010

While looking at Vancouver Fashion eZine’s latest issue, I stumbled upon a great little event happening next week called Martini’s and Manicures.

The event is being held at Beaute Legere Boutique Salon and Spa on Main street and it is part of a series of events that benefit the Weekend to End Woman’s cancers. I personally think it is a great idea for an event, and it truly is a cause that should be close to everyone’s hearts. I plan on enjoying the evening with two girl friends and I hope that we can all grow old together and go out for manicures all the time, and not ever having to worry about cancer.

If you are in the Vancouver area on Wednesday June 23rd I highly recommend you stop by one of the fabulous events. Space is limited so feel free to email ramona.toth@gmail.com to reserve a spot to the Martini’s and Manicures event!!

P.S. I really hope this lovely weather sticks around, I have so many cute sandals to wear and all my boots seem to have broken themselves in some form all at once so I really can’t dress for the rain anymore!!


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