Maxed Out!!

August 10, 2010

As one of my last school assignments, I had to create a window display. Now, since I didn’t have any contacts to a store that needed their window dressed,  I got creative and created a mock up version in a shoe box to show what my vision looked like.

I haven’t had this much fun crafting in a long time! I spent hours cutting and gluing and making sure everything was just right. In the end,  I created a window display even I was amazed with. There are two areas I need to fix before I take a final photo for my portfolio, but as it looks today I’m still very proud of it.

I decided on the theme “maxed out” because of the maxi coat, skirt and dress trend for fall/winter 2010. I also made a play on words to stretch that theme and took inspiration from Holt Renfrew’s elaborate windows. It kind of pokes fun at us and our shopping habits, but I think it’s edgy enough to actually be a window display.

That’s all for now, I need to get back to studying!!!!!


One comment

  1. wow i really like this concept! Kind of like the film… confessions of a shopaholic!!!

    if youre into VM you might like my blog 🙂 http://www.thewindowshopper.co.uk

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