L.A., check!

September 30, 2010

Simply put, I love traveling! There are many places in the world I want to explore, and I decided to start with some close to home.

I visited LA in August as a post graduation celebration. That and my secret obsession with Harry Potter found me a travel buddy that introduced me to this amazing Harry Potter store. We had an amazing time and I would go back to LA in a heart beat if someone handed me a plane ticket (non-stop please, we took 3 flights to get there and I’m now sick of planes).

here is our hotel, located just down the hill from universal Studios

and here is Universal City walk, where we spent a few nights wandering around all the shops, eating yummy food and just enjoying our vacation

and this is all the Harry potter loot I bought. I can’t wait to go to the theme park in Florida next year!!!!

old school Universal Studios sign

on the last day I went to the grove to check out the farmers market. it was so cute and I bought some real food! (fresh grapes) plus I got to do a bit of shopping 🙂

I must say, I really enjoyed California. Next time I think I will drive, that way I can explore a lot more along the way and in the city.  Until then I’m off to the other side of America, New York City 🙂

I will always love you, Hollywood…………………………………………..


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