Fashion U recap, part 1

November 3, 2010

This October I had the pleasure of attending Teen Vogue’s Fashion University weekend in NYC. It was an amazing weekend that was a really valeuble and fun experience.

Some of my favorite parts of the weekend included Vogue editor Anna Wintour’s key note speech

she had many slides to show us as she talked about her career, and interestingly enough this was her first cover for American Vogue

this is a picture of a photo shoot about Spider Man the musical!

this is a shot from the December Vogue where they modeled this shoot after a famous photo that has been a huge inspiration in the fashion world

finally at the end she took a few questions along with Amy Astley, editor of Teen Vogue. It was really great listening to Anna’s impressive career. My favorite quotes from her include “bring some intelligence to what you do”, “you can never understand the great public”, “Vogue her”(when talking about Blake Lively), and “you don’t start at the bottom, you start from the beginning” from Amy Astley.

After the speach I was heading down to go to my first “class” and who did I run into? Eva Chen, editor of the beauty section in Teen Vogue! I used to love reading her blog on TeenVogue.com and I now follow her on twitter. She is so cute and fun so it was a real pleasure to meet her. Plus her outfit was co cute!!

That was the first part of my weekend, more details are to come on the other amazing “classes” I attended.


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