dreaming of better weather

February 2, 2011

I kind of hate the transition between seasons. Don’t get me wrong, I like all the cute layers that come with chilly late summer evenings and the first glimpse of sun on late winter days. But misty rain and the transition from hot to cold sure sucks! I wish it would just instantly be sunny and clear or cold and snowy, non of this  in between crap.

Since it was so rainy last week, I decided to buy a new sweater to live in until spring. I love these TNA raglan sweater tops. They are made of a comfy fine knit material that stretch and keep you just warm enough inside without being too hot. I have them in 4 colors at the moment. I picked this striped one up because I don’t really have many striped items in my wardrobe. Plus it looks super cute with this little hat.

Outfit details: Striped sweater top-TNA, long tank top;black jeggings;faux leather jacket;cloche-H&M, purse-Kensie, Boots-Dirty Laundry

As the weather gets better each week, I’m already starting to look in my spring/summer clothing that has been hidden away and trying to incorporate it into my current wardrobe. Thank goodness for leggings and cardigans!!


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