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New Year, New Blog

January 10, 2012

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been so long!

You know how life sometimes sucks you in, and you don’t even notice what you’ve been missing? That’s what I feel has happened over the last few months.  No excuses, but now I am even more motivated to blog because I have lots of stuff to blog about!

I guess I can do a brief re-cap of what I’ve been up to, and will post more details in the coming weeks.

Since my last post, I:

celebrated my Birthday with some close friends, while being spoiled rotten with presents (hello new Kobo!)

disguised myself as Waldo for Halloween

Bought a brand new (to me) car!!!

Went to the most amazing Feist concert

Watched my friends get married!

And had a quiet family Christmas (where I was again spoiled with presents)

A lot has happened in my life, and I can’t wait to share it on this blog. I will also be changing the look of the blog, because as nice as it is, its not really me. Look forward to that and more regular (hopefully) posts!



I’d wear that

February 28, 2011

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend.

We got a big dump of snow that kept me inside, but I did get to watch the Oscars! My favorite dress of the night was on Mila Kunis. She wore a stunning Elie Saab lilac dress with gorgeous details, and she looked amazing! If I could have any one of the fabulous dresses worn last night in my wardrobe, it would be this one!!

Purple is one of my favorite colors lately. Not only did I paint my room a deep purple (with white accents), but I also wore lilac purple to my high school grad.

Well back to reality, and work for another week. See you soon!


I was born this way

February 22, 2011

Hi all. I hope you had a good weekend. I spent most of mine indoors trying to stay warm! We have a crazy cold front at the moment that is making it very hard to get dressed in the morning.

Any ways, tomorrow is Pink Shirt day, which make me happy because a) I like pink, and b) because I think it’s great people are paying more attention to bullying that goes on in schools.  I was bullied in school, well more like picked on by some girls that used to be my friends. It never really bothered me too much, and I just avoided them and got through school because after that I wouldn’t have to see them again. But I never really told anyone about it.  Who knows if they would have stopped, or became better people but either way I still feel like I want to stick up for all those little kids that get teased or picked on in school.

So wear pink tomorrow, and maybe kids will finally get along with each other while in school and learn to get along with other people through out their lives.

In other news, this amazing little girl from Winnipeg has become famous pretty much overnight for her cover of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way. She has an amazing voice and really does the song justice. She personifies the reason why so many people love Gaga and her music. Check it out!


Quick update

February 17, 2011

Hi all! I hope you’re having a lovely week 🙂

Just a quick update before I’m off again. I had a lovely Valentines day with my boy, which involved yummy Greek food and a giant bouquet of flowers (it didn’t fit in our booth!). I had this idea to take some pictures in a photo booth and make a card out of it. I ran out of time to go to a real photo booth, but I found a digital one that really impressed me. This is the strip I ended up using:

If you are wondering about the last photo, it’s actually a flier for this site. I discovered it while reading Jen Loves Kev. Her wonderful husband created this website where people can dedicate their love, and it’s a reminder each time of how much he loves her *squee*. So I thought it would be a perfect Valentines card.

Last weekend I spent the day in down town Vancouver to soak up some Olympic memories and see the cauldron re-lite.  It was a great day, even with a rain storm. But at 4pm when the cauldron burst into flame it stopped raining.

While I wandered around down town, I went into the Bay and was lucky enough to try on some Olympic memorabilia. It was amazing to feel even more of a part of Canada’s victory in Hockey last year (both our men and women won gold!)

So that’s my week in a quick re-cap. See you next week!!


A year in review..

January 10, 2011

So 2010 was a pretty amazing year, there’s no denying it. Some years I am glad it’s all over, and some years I wish they could continue. I hope 2011 can top 2010, though it does set the bar high.

The beginning of the year was one big party with the entire world invited, as the 2010 Winter Olympic games were in my back yard. It truly was a once in a life time experience to see the city alive, meet new people, and be so proud to be Canadian. Here are some of my favorite pictures from February…

This photo is one of my favorite moments of the games. Canada had just won gold in Men’s hockey on the last day of the Olympics. My manager let me leave work early to go down town to celebrate. The streets were full of people, proud to be Canadian. Even people from other countries joined the party and we welcomed them with open arms.

The next exciting adventure last year was when I went to LA with a friend for a week. We got to explore Universal studio’s, go to an AMAZING Harry Potter store, and just take a break from life. Here are some pictures from August…

It was an amazing trip. I truly love California and I can’t wait to go back! I want to go to San Fransisco next!!

Speaking of traveling, I am doing a pretty good job of checking off the city’s I want to visit. Back in June I applied to Teen Vogue Fashion U, and on September 15th I woke up to an e-mail saying I had been accepted!!! I flew myself across the country for one of the most amazing weekends of my life. It was truly inspiring career wise and such a thrill to be surrounded by fashion everywhere I went. Here is my October…

(more detailed posts about my trip can be found here)

So I can say I had a truly amazing, monumental, thrilling, and special year. Not only did I also turn the magical age of 21, I met the most amazing boy in the world <3. Plus I was able to travel, see old friends, buy my first car, graduate school, and the list could go on!!

Here’s to a great year ahead, may it be just as amazing as the last!!!!!!!!


Joe Fresh X Barbie = <3

November 11, 2010

ZOMG Joe Fresh is doing a collaboration with Barbie!!!

Yes I’m pretty excited, cause it’s all so darn cute! They are doing a sleep wear line for girls and women in all its hot pink amazingness! Anyone know when it will hit stores?? I’m really sad they are only doing cool in store events in Ontario, and not in BC where there’s a Joe fresh store! (hello????!!!!!!)

Any ways, I’m still working on my New york posts, there are so many great pictures and memories I am trying to do them justice. That and working full time is kinda hard. Have a good weekend everyone!


So Cute

October 25, 2010

So today was my last full day in NYC. I fly home tomorrow in the evening, so today I took the subway to Soho. I fell in love with this area of New York and wish I had more time to explore there!!

I walked the streets all day looking in boutiques and found a few jem’s to bring home. Here is Soho from my point of view


Needless to say I had a fabulous day and would love to come back to Soho any time. Tomorrow, I explore the Met and say my goodbyes to New York!!


School is in session!

October 23, 2010

Fashion U that is!

Today was the first day of Teen Vogue’s Fashion U and it was such an amazing experience!! If you love fashion, you need to go to Fashion U some day. You can learn so much from people actually in the industry, and find out new jobs you didn’t know existed! (like being a props stylist, I think that’s something I could do!!). Plus you get to meet tons of other guys and girls just as passionate about fashion as you are.

I’m super tired from this exciting day, but I will leave you with one picture that made my day 🙂


In the Big City

October 22, 2010

Hello everyone! I am currently blogging from New York City i aanticipation of Teen Vogue’s Fashion U this weekend. I can’t wait to get the weekend started with the Juicy shopping event tonight 🙂

So far New York is very different from what I’m used to at home. the padestrians and drivers are both crazy here! It is also very chilly, so I’m glad I packed lots of gloves and scarves to keep me warm. I will try my best to post pictures because of all the outfits I planned and of any shopping I will do.

I have a list of places to shop and a hip guide book so I hope togeth they will make my new York experience amazing.

Until tonight, hello New York!!


L.A., check!

September 30, 2010

Simply put, I love traveling! There are many places in the world I want to explore, and I decided to start with some close to home.

I visited LA in August as a post graduation celebration. That and my secret obsession with Harry Potter found me a travel buddy that introduced me to this amazing Harry Potter store. We had an amazing time and I would go back to LA in a heart beat if someone handed me a plane ticket (non-stop please, we took 3 flights to get there and I’m now sick of planes).

here is our hotel, located just down the hill from universal Studios

and here is Universal City walk, where we spent a few nights wandering around all the shops, eating yummy food and just enjoying our vacation

and this is all the Harry potter loot I bought. I can’t wait to go to the theme park in Florida next year!!!!

old school Universal Studios sign

on the last day I went to the grove to check out the farmers market. it was so cute and I bought some real food! (fresh grapes) plus I got to do a bit of shopping 🙂

I must say, I really enjoyed California. Next time I think I will drive, that way I can explore a lot more along the way and in the city.  Until then I’m off to the other side of America, New York City 🙂

I will always love you, Hollywood…………………………………………..