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Fashion U recap, part 2

January 11, 2011

Ok I’m getting back at the recap’s of my New york trip!!

Teen Vogue’s Fashion U had so many amazing “classes” to choose from this year, but I was really happy with the ones I picked! I was lucky enough to attend the editor’s panel, the world of fashion blogger’s, the Intern Queen and a D.I.Y.  session with Erica Domesek.

In the Editors Panel, the Teen Vogue editing team was there including Amy Astley and Eva Chen. They gave us great advice on how to succeed in the fashion industry.  It truly isn’t all about glamor and parties, and like Amy said “fashion is a real industry”!!. It was also good to hear what they look for when hiring interns, which motivates me to be as well rounded as I can to hopefully stand out. I also love the amount of passion people have for their job when they are in the fashion industry. Eva put it best by saying that “you can make whatever you love into a career” , which is how I feel about visual merchandising.

The next “class” I attended was lead by some top fashion bloggers I was so lucky to be in the same room with! Jane and Judy Aldrige were there, along with Street Peeper and Hanneli.  They had some really great down to earth advice about blogging, which is why their  blogs are so amazing.

I loved their shoes, of course, so I tried to take some decent pictures of them.

The session was truly inspiring, as I am always trying to be a better blogger. And my favorite part was getting a chance to meet with Jane and Judy Aldrige

Now, this was only the morning. I didn’t want to take my lunch break that day! It was the best “school” I had ever been in. There is still more to come about this amazing experience in the fashion world, in another post.


A year in review..

January 10, 2011

So 2010 was a pretty amazing year, there’s no denying it. Some years I am glad it’s all over, and some years I wish they could continue. I hope 2011 can top 2010, though it does set the bar high.

The beginning of the year was one big party with the entire world invited, as the 2010 Winter Olympic games were in my back yard. It truly was a once in a life time experience to see the city alive, meet new people, and be so proud to be Canadian. Here are some of my favorite pictures from February…

This photo is one of my favorite moments of the games. Canada had just won gold in Men’s hockey on the last day of the Olympics. My manager let me leave work early to go down town to celebrate. The streets were full of people, proud to be Canadian. Even people from other countries joined the party and we welcomed them with open arms.

The next exciting adventure last year was when I went to LA with a friend for a week. We got to explore Universal studio’s, go to an AMAZING Harry Potter store, and just take a break from life. Here are some pictures from August…

It was an amazing trip. I truly love California and I can’t wait to go back! I want to go to San Fransisco next!!

Speaking of traveling, I am doing a pretty good job of checking off the city’s I want to visit. Back in June I applied to Teen Vogue Fashion U, and on September 15th I woke up to an e-mail saying I had been accepted!!! I flew myself across the country for one of the most amazing weekends of my life. It was truly inspiring career wise and such a thrill to be surrounded by fashion everywhere I went. Here is my October…

(more detailed posts about my trip can be found here)

So I can say I had a truly amazing, monumental, thrilling, and special year. Not only did I also turn the magical age of 21, I met the most amazing boy in the world <3. Plus I was able to travel, see old friends, buy my first car, graduate school, and the list could go on!!

Here’s to a great year ahead, may it be just as amazing as the last!!!!!!!!