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Spotted Moth

August 17, 2010

While browsing my usual blogs in an attempt to forget about school, I came across a really cute website today that I had to share with you. It’s called Spotted Moth, and I seriously have fallen in love with all their clothing!!

Not only is their August photo shoot pretty much a mirror image of a shoot I did recently, but all the dresses and necklaces are perfectly girly and would fit right into my wardrobe. In fact, I ordered the Cecily tank (seen in their August shoot) as soon as I saw it!!

I discovered this site thanks to Jen from Jen Loves Kev. Then when I went on Spotted Moth’s blog they have photos on the side showing other bloggers that have worn their pieces, and I’ve totally seen them before! Well on some of the other blogs I read, such as Keiko Lynn’s blog and The Clothes Horse’s blog.

I highly suggest you check out their website and blog for inspiration!


Weardrobe Spotlight

July 7, 2010

I don’t know if I have mentioned this before, but I am a member of a few fashion social networking type sights. I found most of them randomly and draw inspiration from all the contributors from around the world. One of my favorites is Weardrobe!

I joined the Weardrobe community just over a year ago, and since then I have discovered many amazing style blogger’s and have been inspired by all the creative people that post their outfits. Weardrobe has gone through a few changes since I first joined, and I like that you can now ❤ someone’s picture. It’s a nice way to let people know you like their outfit if you are just browsing, and I think it also helps the people at weardrobe determine which pictures to feature on the front page.

I was lucky enough to be on the weardrobe “featured” page twice with some of my outfits so far. It’s a nice feeling to know some one else out there likes my outfit almost as much as I did!

So if you haven’t checked out Weardrobe I highly suggest you get an account, it’s easy and then you can be inspired every day by new pictures!!

p.s. the photo shoot went well, pictures will be up tomorrow hopefully!!


June 3, 2010

So I’m going to try my best at being a fashion blogger and actually have some kind of format to my blog. Some of the blogs that I read have a schedule of what they post about, which totally makes sense cause then you always have something to write about!

I’m going to try and post at least one of my outfits every week. No guarantees but it’s worth a try. I also like finding new relevant news stories to share with every one. And of course I will be updating the blog with lots of school work because this has also become kind of a portfolio of my work.

For now I won’t set a schedule because I’m quite busy lately but my goal is to eventually have a plan for each day of blogging 🙂

So here’s my outfit post for the week:

Today I’m wearing a black jump suit from H&M Divided, a peach sleeveless wrap from H&M Trend, black elastic gladiator sandals from Wal-Mart, and a faux leather headband from H&M

I started out with this outfit because the weather forecast said it wasn’t supposed to rain after about a week straight of rain. However before I left for school it was a little cloudy and I thought it might rain, so I quickly changed into a dress. It’s now gorgeous and warm out in the evening so I probably should have stuck with this outfit >.<

Ok that's all for now, I'm going out to a charity auction tomorrow night and I'm getting all dolled up so there will be plenty of pictures from that.