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Garden Party

March 25, 2010

On March 23rd I attended the Garden Party for H&M’s new Garden Collection.

All the clothing is made of organic or recycled materials, including the plastic bags! Also, snacks such as cheese on a stick and little brownies were all made from organic food. I really like the concept H&M followed for this gorgeous and very affordable line of clothing. It really suits H&M and the image they are trying to maintain, despite a few blips in the media.

My favorite part of the night were of course, the decorations! Real grass decorated the store along with fresh cut flowers and garden accessories. It felt like I was transported to a garden in spring time where everyone is very well dressed! I also loved that the mannequins were adorned with long blond hair similar to the campaign’s model.

I loved this gorgeous red dress, but sadly can’t afford to spend my limited funds on such a fancy dress. I did however leave with a really cute nude pink tank top with flowers up the front!

I totally love the dress on the right with giant pockets, it would be perfect for gardening in!

The night was a success, now run to your nearest H&M and check out the collection in person!!


Spring has Sprung

February 25, 2010

sorry for the lack of posts, I’ve been busy enjoying a little something called the Winter Olympics that happen to be hosted in my city.

AKA I’m partying it up while I only have one class.

However there was a stretch of really nice weather that appears to be back for one day so I thought I’d live it up in this cute little dress I found. Enjoy!!