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Just a little dab of this…

January 28, 2011

I love makeup just as much as the other girl. Over the years I have experimented, and now have my morning routine down to a few simple steps. I have tried countless brands, from drug stores to high end cosmetics. These are a few of my favorites that I use every day:

From left to right: Sephora concealer, Clinique tinted moisturizer (with spf!), Tarina Tarantino mascara, Clinique eyeshadow, Cover Girl gloss balm, Paul & Joe powder (with spf!)

My favorite is the Clinique tinted moisturizer. It has a touch of color to make my pale complexion look alive, with spf to protect my skin all year round. I don’t like foundation, nor do I really need it every day so this works for me just fine. The powder from Paul & Joe also has a bit of spf in it, so combined with the moisturizer my skin is safe from the sun.

The eyeshadow is a duo of pinky-brown colors that look great with my pale complexion. I occasionally use brown eye liner as well and smudge it to create a smokey eye look to make my eyes pop. It’s just enough color without going over board.

Finally, after many years of searching I found a great fragrance that I can wear every day without going overboard. Chloe’s perfume is subtle yet feminine, and the bottle is gorgeous just sitting on my dresser.

What makeup do you really like? Hope your friday is lovely, I’m off for the weekend on a little trip. If you get a chance, check out this great website and spread some love….


Havana Nights Photo Shoot

July 20, 2010

After many weeks trying to organize and co-ordinate this shoot, I am happy to be able to show you the final results!

My original location didn’t work out, but luckily my photographer Raymond Chow had a few ideas up his sleeve that worked out well. We ended up shooting in the gardens outside the library at Langara College one evening, and it was perfect! I had my friend Ariel Peake do makeup and hair, and she did an amazing job! I was really pleased with the eye makeup.

I only chose one to print out for my project, but there were so many good shots I thought I’d share a few of my favorits.

Please let me know what you think, I will be doing some more creatives soon so any feedback is appreciated!!