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August 15, 2011

Photo via Pinterest

Do you ever find yourself cruising around the web, and all of a sudden you go off on tangents that lead to the most amazing discoveries?

I have to admit, I find most of my inspiration these days on the web. I thought I’d share with you my latest web obsessions, and who knows maybe they will become your as well!

Such as…..

These amazing photo books from Blurb. I’m so tempted to make some as Christmas presents.

Or Missoni’s collection for Target. That bike is seriously calling my name!!

One of my new favorite street style blogs is I Want To Be Her!

As always, Etsy has amazing handmade goods. Like these super cute cards to send out to your friends. I miss getting snail mail!

Finally, along with a Twitter account, Tumblr account, and countless fashion blogs I check, I now have a Pinterst account. It’s a fun and easy way to make an online scrap-book like inspiration board. This way you can organize what inspires you, and find more inspiration from others with similar interests.

What has been inspiring you these days? I hope you enjoy these links, and find your own little gems this week on the web.



March 8, 2010

a day in pictures!

ok so it’s really just two pictures, of how I started and ended my day.

the story behind this photo is that it was somehow unbeknown to me left on the ground by the bus stop. it’s such a cute and random picture that I couldn’t really ignore it. I propped it up on this telephone pole in hopes the owner would see it, or it would at least make another person smile the way it did me.

and the story behind this photo is that I decided to walk home, alone, through a dark and very scary looking park instead of taking the long route home. I’m lucky (sometimes) to live on a hill and get a great view of the city from just the right angle. I only wish there was slightly more traffic for cool effect but that’s not really my neighborhoods thing.

so that was my saturday, exciting I know. hopefully more pictures to come soon as I am over my cold and have joined lookbook so I will for sure be working on good outfit pictures.



January 25, 2010

last Thursday in my styling class our teacher made us pick themes out of a bag and come up with a photo shoot where the only requirements were to include a pair of sunglasses he had provided. my partner Sarah Killen and I picked classic and these are our two favorite photos from the shoot.

we found the blazer upstairs in the sewing room, borrowed some pearls and tah dah! I would say this was a very successful photo shoot for having no warning. now I can’t wait for the next one!