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As seamless as a winter’s dream….

November 14, 2010

This weekend I decided to enjoy one of my days off by taking a walk in the rain. Simple, yet I don’t ever have the time to just do nothing anymore so I really enjoyed it.

First, I wandered around down town New West. Columbia street is really cute and old fashioned, and I quite like it. I can’t wait for the new Quay market to open, now known as the River Market.

The sweater I am wearing is my favorite new sweater. It’s cozy and warm, and has a cute little toggle closure. Plus it’s mostly cotton so it won’t pill like some of my wool sweaters. I’m in all H&M except for my lovely Rocket Dog boots that kept my feet dry from the rain.
*not pictured is my trusty Joe Fresh rain jacket

next I crossed the street onto the board walk and discovered this old steam ship play area for kids. It made the perfect location for an impromptu photo shoot.

In the end it was a very successful walk in the rain. I will be doing a lot more of that soon, I want to go to Fort Langley next weekend with the boy 🙂

p.s. I was at Super Store tonight and scored some of the cute Barbie ❤ Joe pj’s