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in which snoop dog is dressed in a cupcake suit

July 6, 2010

So I’m sure by now you’ve seen Katy Perry’s new music video for California Girl’s, but I just had a chance to watch it today.

Wow is it ever sweet! (no pun intended). I have to admit Katy Perry looks good with blue hair! and I love the outfits the girls are wearing from the afro wigs to the sequin shorts. Well, all except the giant cupcakes on their bikini tops, I think that’s a bit much. I really like this song for the summer of 2010; being a west coast girl myself I live for the summer. And although it may not get to California temperatures here, I still enjoy a good day at the beach.

So if you haven’t seen the video, you need to watch it now! All I can say is Snoop Dog wears a cupcake suit, and it’s pretty awesome.