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something to think about

January 24, 2010

fashion. free speech. marketing. personal opinions. generalizing. gender. business. history. differences. age. necessity. sparks.

these are some of the words that come to mind after reading Tanya Gold’s article “Why I hate Fashion” published by The Guardian on Friday, and the attached comments.

while I have not fully formed an opinion about this article or proper feedback, I will offer you some quotes of comment’s I appreciate:

“It’s not a serious piece of journalism – it’s just designed to provoke”
– Rufus Sengi

“I think that the problem with fashion isn’t fashion, but how others decide to see it. ”
– Tavi

“Ostracizing a whole industry because they are an easy target and something you’ve never felt a part of is completely unjustified.”
– Jess Bunyan

“I agree with Tanya mostly on this, but I do think being creative against the grain is a fantastic thing and gives people confidence.”
– Natashav

“It’s so sad that in our society, we can only be extremes!”
– Sphygmo

“Let’s be fair about this, as a columnist it’s Tanya’s job to provoke a strong emotional reaction from the readership.”
– Danceswithowls

I guess my own bias is that I like fashion. I want to work in the fashion industry. I go to a fashion related school. I have spent a good sum of money on fashion related items. I understand there are other things in life than just fashion. I am even faced with fashion overload sometimes.  yet fashion never seems to go away. neither does criticism.

so, what do we do?