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Beat the heat

August 3, 2011

In high summer, there’s nothing like a long, flowing maxi skirt to keep you cool. I love this patterned skirt not only for its lovely shades of green, but because it has two hidden pockets. Perfect for hiding treasures while you explore, or a pair of sunglasses while wandering in and out of shops.

Head to toe H&M excluding Delux fedora, Fossil watch, Spring ring, and Toms

This little ring is one of my favorites lately. It pairs perfectly with blue or green tones, as well as floral prints. And I just realized now that my nails kind of match the skirt, both are a broken shattered pattern!

I hope you’re having a great week, and going on your own adventures in the sun!


Over the weekend

August 1, 2011

Just a brief post to get back into the swing of blogging again. I have had a very busy summer so far, volunteering at a summer camp, training for a new job, and going on adventures wherever I can. I recently bought a new camera, and I can’t wait to experiment with it and hopefully update this blog more!

Here are a few pictures of my weekend. I hope everyone is enjoying the lovely summer weather, as I sure am!

Wearing a Delux fedora, H&M tank and necklace

Wearing H&M shirt and necklace, Talula hoodie

Wearing Delux fedora, H&M sweater top and shorts, James&Jules sandals

Summer seems to have only just arrived, so I hope to capture all the summer outfits I have been dieing to wear and will post them here soon. See you soon!


Quick update

February 17, 2011

Hi all! I hope you’re having a lovely week 🙂

Just a quick update before I’m off again. I had a lovely Valentines day with my boy, which involved yummy Greek food and a giant bouquet of flowers (it didn’t fit in our booth!). I had this idea to take some pictures in a photo booth and make a card out of it. I ran out of time to go to a real photo booth, but I found a digital one that really impressed me. This is the strip I ended up using:

If you are wondering about the last photo, it’s actually a flier for this site. I discovered it while reading Jen Loves Kev. Her wonderful husband created this website where people can dedicate their love, and it’s a reminder each time of how much he loves her *squee*. So I thought it would be a perfect Valentines card.

Last weekend I spent the day in down town Vancouver to soak up some Olympic memories and see the cauldron re-lite.  It was a great day, even with a rain storm. But at 4pm when the cauldron burst into flame it stopped raining.

While I wandered around down town, I went into the Bay and was lucky enough to try on some Olympic memorabilia. It was amazing to feel even more of a part of Canada’s victory in Hockey last year (both our men and women won gold!)

So that’s my week in a quick re-cap. See you next week!!


Joe Fresh X Barbie = <3

November 11, 2010

ZOMG Joe Fresh is doing a collaboration with Barbie!!!

Yes I’m pretty excited, cause it’s all so darn cute! They are doing a sleep wear line for girls and women in all its hot pink amazingness! Anyone know when it will hit stores?? I’m really sad they are only doing cool in store events in Ontario, and not in BC where there’s a Joe fresh store! (hello????!!!!!!)

Any ways, I’m still working on my New york posts, there are so many great pictures and memories I am trying to do them justice. That and working full time is kinda hard. Have a good weekend everyone!


Maxed Out!!

August 10, 2010

As one of my last school assignments, I had to create a window display. Now, since I didn’t have any contacts to a store that needed their window dressed,  I got creative and created a mock up version in a shoe box to show what my vision looked like.

I haven’t had this much fun crafting in a long time! I spent hours cutting and gluing and making sure everything was just right. In the end,  I created a window display even I was amazed with. There are two areas I need to fix before I take a final photo for my portfolio, but as it looks today I’m still very proud of it.

I decided on the theme “maxed out” because of the maxi coat, skirt and dress trend for fall/winter 2010. I also made a play on words to stretch that theme and took inspiration from Holt Renfrew’s elaborate windows. It kind of pokes fun at us and our shopping habits, but I think it’s edgy enough to actually be a window display.

That’s all for now, I need to get back to studying!!!!!


Havana Nights Photo Shoot

July 20, 2010

After many weeks trying to organize and co-ordinate this shoot, I am happy to be able to show you the final results!

My original location didn’t work out, but luckily my photographer Raymond Chow had a few ideas up his sleeve that worked out well. We ended up shooting in the gardens outside the library at Langara College one evening, and it was perfect! I had my friend Ariel Peake do makeup and hair, and she did an amazing job! I was really pleased with the eye makeup.

I only chose one to print out for my project, but there were so many good shots I thought I’d share a few of my favorits.

Please let me know what you think, I will be doing some more creatives soon so any feedback is appreciated!!


summer is here!

July 6, 2010

Today I took advantage of the first day of nice weather in quite some time by breaking in some new clothes. The city of Vancouver has shut down parts of Granville to cars during the summer and set up astro turf for pedestrians to walk on, and in today’s case sit on to watch the World Cup! I got a friend to snap a quick picture of my outfit in the gorgeous sunshine.

I found these really cute vintage denim shorts last week at Value Village, and the graphic t-shirt is from Forever 21. The outfit was vintage inspired so I paired it with my pink brogues and cat eye sunnies from H&M.

I hope everyone is having a nice summer so far! I know I plan on heading to the beach soon 🙂


Photo Shoot

June 28, 2010

I’m very excited to be planning and styling my first independant photo shoot. I’m doing it for my portfolio, and one of my teachers is nice enough to count it as a project for his class.

I’m using Kensie Girl clothing, and the idea behind the shoot is the perfect summer outfit. In my head I can imagine a girl, wandering around in a cute little dress and heels during her summer vacation simply enjoying life. I want to do this photo shoot down by the river because there is a nice little board walk and it will feel like we are out of the city.

These pictures are where I draw my inspiration from, and I hope my end pictures turn out the way they are planned in my head!

Look forward to the final photo shoot images soon, I plan on doing it this saturday, but now it’s weather dependant!

Have a good week 🙂


Girl’s Night Out

June 23, 2010

Martini’s and Manicures was such a fun event! What’s better than an evening out with a girl friend, sipping on cosmos, getting your nails done, and helping out a great cause? That’s right, nothing!

My friend and I got there a bit early, so we were the lucky girls first in line to get our nails done! There were so many great stations set up; you could get a massage, a manicure, a hair consultation, eyelash extensions and more! It was my first time visiting Beaute Legere, and my is it ever a gorgeous salon! Glass chandeliers and white walls make it oh so chic. The owner Alexandre is also a character, so cute and french! I can’t wait to go back and enjoy some of their many amazing services!

Here is an overview of the event in pictures:

Good times were had by all, and I hope they raised enough money to reach their goal! While I was there I was also chatting with Vancouver eZine editor Marilyn Wilson and picked up the latest copy of the magazine. It’s a great resource for anyone interested in the Vancouver fashion scene!

That’s all from me tonight, have a spectacular weekend and I will be back with some outfit posts next week!


Martini’s and Manicures!

June 15, 2010

While looking at Vancouver Fashion eZine’s latest issue, I stumbled upon a great little event happening next week called Martini’s and Manicures.

The event is being held at Beaute Legere Boutique Salon and Spa on Main street and it is part of a series of events that benefit the Weekend to End Woman’s cancers. I personally think it is a great idea for an event, and it truly is a cause that should be close to everyone’s hearts. I plan on enjoying the evening with two girl friends and I hope that we can all grow old together and go out for manicures all the time, and not ever having to worry about cancer.

If you are in the Vancouver area on Wednesday June 23rd I highly recommend you stop by one of the fabulous events. Space is limited so feel free to email to reserve a spot to the Martini’s and Manicures event!!

P.S. I really hope this lovely weather sticks around, I have so many cute sandals to wear and all my boots seem to have broken themselves in some form all at once so I really can’t dress for the rain anymore!!