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August 5, 2011

Here’s to a happy weekend, with sun and new adventures!

Earlier in the week I enjoyed some mini golf…

Wearing Delux fedora, vintage romper

And painted my nails with some funky new polish…

 Sephora by OPI’s “Read My Palm” and “Blasted Black”

What are you up to with your weekend? I’m off to a baseball game, see you next week!


summer is here!

July 6, 2010

Today I took advantage of the first day of nice weather in quite some time by breaking in some new clothes. The city of Vancouver has shut down parts of Granville to cars during the summer and set up astro turf for pedestrians to walk on, and in today’s case sit on to watch the World Cup! I got a friend to snap a quick picture of my outfit in the gorgeous sunshine.

I found these really cute vintage denim shorts last week at Value Village, and the graphic t-shirt is from Forever 21. The outfit was vintage inspired so I paired it with my pink brogues and cat eye sunnies from H&M.

I hope everyone is having a nice summer so far! I know I plan on heading to the beach soon 🙂


just another manic monday…..

March 29, 2010

so here I sit again in class, working on a website layout and staring at the rain pooring down. in my search for inspiration, I came across this awesome blog:

I don’t know much about it, but I’m getting serious home envy from all the great pictures.

If I could move out right now, I’d love to find a cute little old apartment or suite in Vancouver and spend like a month decorating it. I’m trying to down size on stuff and simplify my room. N.E.E.T. has some great picture of apartments with plain white walls and cute little decorations, quirkey furnature, old radiators as a way to hang clothing ect.

these are some of many amazing photos:

for now it’s a far off dream, but it’s also a good excuse to start collecting. flea market anyone?


good shopping day

January 16, 2010

I met up with a friend for lunch and a trip to Value Village today, and did I ever score big!

I usually don’t find anything to amazing at Value Village because they are picked over so easily. However today I found two great additions to my closet, all by luck.

The first is a pair of amazing vintage booties. They are short, with small heels, and snap up the side. Some of the snaps have lost the matching suede covering and reveal the brass button underneath, but I like how it looks. The toes are slightly pointed but more of a rectangular point if that makes sense. They are perfect, and I was actually looking for some more short boots so I couldn’t say no! The best part is, they were only $8!!!!!

Second, I found a lovely 100% wool navy blue over sized cardigan from the men’s section. I found a nice one in the ladies sweaters but it had holes all over one sleeve and a rip in the cuff. The one I bought only had a tiny hole in the back, which I can darn, and is missing a few buttons. For $5 who cares about missing buttons!

I love thrift shopping, what have been your amazing finds?