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Spring feeling

January 24, 2011

It’s like this every year. Our first glimpse of sun and decent temperatures (around 10 degrees) and the west coast is transformed into full on spring! I am so excited to switch my wardrobe to all the cute spring items I have stored away, if only the weather would co-operate!

With spring also comes spring cleaning. I really do need to go through my wardrobe each season and have a toss, sell, or keep bag. I find I hold onto many items of clothing because I am attached. However I need to make room for some of the cute new things I have been finding lately!!

One of my favorite purchases this year hasn’t even arrived in the mail. I have been following blogger Jen from JenLovesKev for a while now, and she became one of Mod Cloth’s Blogger’s of the Month the other week and had a dress named after her. It really fits with her style, which I love, and I knew as soon as I saw the dress it would fit perfectly in my wardrobe. I can see myself wearing it all year round; with cardigans and thick tights right now or on it’s own with a simple belt or necklace in the summer.

Aren’t the little foxes adorable? It also has pockets at the front which for me is a real deciding factor. It has pockets? Done!!!

Then last weekend, I went shopping down by Seattle at the outlets and found myself a great new purse. I really love Kensie & Kensie Girl clothing, not just because they are Canadian but because they create such nice pieces that work easily into my wardrobe. I can always find something I like from Kensie. So when I found this cute purse with a little bow on it, I fell in love! It was super cheap to, around $35!! I almost bought one in a gorgeous blue but decided I really like the shape of this one.

Spring has also livened up my room with this gorgeous new Teen Vogue bed set that I won! While at Teen Vogue Fashion U, there were many displays set up in the lobby we could look at between classes. One of them was a bed with their new bed spreads you can now purchase at JCPenny stores. I entered the contest because I loved the flower print and thought it was really different. One day I came home to three big boxes and inside was this bed set! I was so surprised and happy I couldn’t help dancing around and showing it off to anyone that would look. My dreams are sweeter now that I have this lovely floral comforter to keep me warm at night.

I think the colors really compliment my purple walls, and the comforter would liven up a couch as well since it’s only a twin size. Thank you again teen Vogue for this amazing prize!!!

So that’s been my spring so far, how has everyone else been this year?


good shopping day

January 16, 2010

I met up with a friend for lunch and a trip to Value Village today, and did I ever score big!

I usually don’t find anything to amazing at Value Village because they are picked over so easily. However today I found two great additions to my closet, all by luck.

The first is a pair of amazing vintage booties. They are short, with small heels, and snap up the side. Some of the snaps have lost the matching suede covering and reveal the brass button underneath, but I like how it looks. The toes are slightly pointed but more of a rectangular point if that makes sense. They are perfect, and I was actually looking for some more short boots so I couldn’t say no! The best part is, they were only $8!!!!!

Second, I found a lovely 100% wool navy blue over sized cardigan from the men’s section. I found a nice one in the ladies sweaters but it had holes all over one sleeve and a rip in the cuff. The one I bought only had a tiny hole in the back, which I can darn, and is missing a few buttons. For $5 who cares about missing buttons!

I love thrift shopping, what have been your amazing finds?