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First Rendition

May 21, 2010

So the reason why I’ve been MIA the past month or so is because I was helping plan a fashion show for the design students at my school.

We had a class dedicated to this fashion show and I’m so proud of everyone in the class (including our amazing teacher we only worked with for a few weeks) as the show was amazing! It looked so professional and although there were many bumps along the way we all pulled it together and had a great show!

here are a few pictures of the show, photographed by the amazing Peter Jensen

For more photo’s please check out the album on Face Book



April 1, 2010

here’s a sneak peek at my friends Sarah Killen’s Forest Gump themed photo shoot I got to model in for our final assignment, and let me tell you it was a lot of fun!

the final pictures will be posted some time next week, have a good Easter weekend!!


Cheap Labor

March 22, 2010

One of my courses in school is a fashion show production class. It is our task to produce a fashion show for our fashion design students at the end of the semester.

Things have been a bit shaky in the planning stages, however we are working with what we have. So lack of time + creativity = an impromptu photo shoot with mannequins in a back alley to make some awesome posters to promote the show!

We took the gals out last week during a nice stretch of weather and banged out some great shots. The final posters are still being tweaked, so until then here are some behind the scene’s shots I took on my camera:

Stefanie, Sarah and Keegan styling one of the girls

this is what you do when your set is a back alley

contemplating life, and praying the birds don’t land on her

part of the crew in the alley

flexible models are always a plus when we only have one small car for transport

More details about the show are to come, we are looking at some great locations but still need to narrow it down.

P.S. my school is having an open house tomorrow! feel free to drop by any time between 10am and 7pm. Also, the Beat will be there from 3pm-7pm.

LaSalle is located on the second floor of the Pender building on Hornby & Pender  down town.


Nicole Miller tie shoot

February 25, 2010

Just a quick post right now, as the Women’s gold medal hockey game is starting, of my finnished catalouge add for my fashion styling class.

We were provided with the tie and had to style our shoot around it with the theme of spring/summer formal wear. This is my end result, I actually had to shoot the model (my friend Stef In Motion’s boyfriend) inside because on the day of our shoot it was raining, and then take a picture of the stiares I like and photo shop it together.

I’m pleased with the results, considering we had to shoot inside. I also learned that shopping for men’s suits is quite difficult!!!!


change is good

February 1, 2010

a new look for my blog!

tell me what you think as I begin to tweak it with all the skillz I’m learning in school


Store Window

November 25, 2009

my visual display class went to Treasure Express, a local Vancouver children’s consignment store to create a Christmas window display.

here are some pictures of the end result: